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Sega has sent out a press release detailing their ATEI 09 line-up and in addition to a few games we already have seen info on previously such as HUMMER, Harley Davidson, R-Tuned Racing, Rambo, Sega Rally 3 and Block People, they also will be showing off a new game called  “Missfits”. While there is no information on the game in the release, we will be at the show hummeron Wednesday to find out more. Sega also discusses the Game Gate VU which we talked about a few days ago and how they will be picking up Raw Thrills’ kits for Europe. For the full release, including some info on their redemption product hit the break below.







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Monday, 19 January 2009
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SEGA ATEI 2009 Line Up

Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. will position itself at this months ATEI with a dominant array of products on what will be the global amusement giants largest ever exhibition stand outside of Japan.

Haven chosen to move to the left side of the exhibition hall this year Sega’s Justin Burke explains the logic “We’ve always felt that trade exhibitions need not to have product genres clumped together in order to add vibrancy for guests as they walk the aisles, you see it at exhibitions around the world; and as such took the decision to work with the show organisers and go over to the left. Others initially joined us but gradually diverted back to the right – we’re happy with the spot”.

Always one to impress SEGA will show off new products HUMMER a two to eight player gas guzzling attraction piece, deluxe motion ride on Harley Davidson and street racing twin driver R-Tuned to bolster last years winning video pieces Rambo and Sega Rally 3. Clearly showing that with every piece having a recognised licence attached to it that brand recognition in the arcade or FEC location is guaranteed, and will help boost cash box income.

With redemption, and licensed brands again in mind, Sponge Bob Ticket Boom, is here for its launch; Burke stated that “it was tested and tweaked during 2008 with various key operators, until such time it constantly appeared amongst their top 3 ranking redemption pieces. Without any moving items or controllers that can break off it’s a solid winner for 2009”. A new game in Missfits will be shown for the first time along with Block People and a ticket prize version of Shoot This Win This.

This will be the first ATEI for the UK Direct Sales team to be on the stand and its representatives, Aaron Gilbey and Steve D’Arcy, will both be present. They commented “we are enjoying getting back to grass roots trading dealing with the new and used markets. Despite the tough times out there since our launch at the end of 2008, business has been steady on new, used and our workshop refurbished equipment”.

As the European distributor for Trio Tech, Sega will also show the new two seater motion theatre cabinet Typhoon along with a massive 8 seater full size XD Theatre offering 4D thrills.

Sega has also being nominated as the distributor for Quasimoto and will show for the first time Game Gate, a cabinet system designed to allow consumer titled games to be played legally in the public environment on a coin op basis.

Supporting the machine sector both Sega Total Solutions (STS) and Sega Prize Europe will be showing their products. STS has added Raw Thrills kits to its range of Sega spares and components and will be on hand to speak to customers both old and new.

Sega Prize Europe will launch its new exclusive licence Hello Kitty plush range and also demonstrate the new Sega Vision MP4 player. The prize division will show a full range of it’s ‘£50 and Under’ prizes ideal for the UFO Catcher and prize machine market.

For More Information please contact:

Justin Burke

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About Sega Amusements Europe Ltd.:

Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. develops and distributes coin operated amusement games, novelty games, kid’s products, simulators and attractions for Europe and the Middle East. Sega products are played by millions of people all over the globe every day and its history reflects the constant change in consumer appetites. Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. is committed to develop its business in new and undiscovered areas whilst providing the best customer service and technical support.

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    Great line up as always.

    Looking forward to seeing what Missfits is all about.

  2. Paul January 23, 2009 at 9:20 am - Reply

    I don’t know about you, but I always love driving Hummers backwards

  3. trio tech typhoon March 20, 2010 at 11:14 pm - Reply

    2D/3D/4D I want to eat

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