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They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery and Nick over at The Pinball Blog makes no bones about that when it comes to a new column which he has begun running entitled “Pinball Heroes”. In addition to giving the work we do here at Arcade Heroes credit for the idea, Nick went on to say:

I really wanted to make these interviews last a while but I just can’t help myself. I’ve already interviewed pinball designers Steve Ritchie and John Trudeau, pinball-book author Gary Flower, Pinball Hall of Fame owner Tim Arnold and Rec.Games.Pinball legend ‘LTG.

These guys must have answered thousands of the same questions over the years so some of what I ask is a little off the beaten track. Basically I’m trying to start a bun-fight among industry legends!
Thankfully I’ve got several more interviews lined up. I’ve stepped away from the keyboard and will try to publish just one a week from now on! I love what you guys do here on Arcade Heroes and what better way to thank you than to plagiarize your name in creating Pinball Heroes!

We certainly appreciate it but even more so we appreciate the interviews themselves, it certainly is fascinating to hear some of the thoughts these guys have about pinball. He may even do a Pinball Villians column at one point, which could be interesting. Check out the Pinball Heroes interviews over at

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