Videos and more screens of H2Overdrive hit the net

Shaggy January 24, 2009 0
Videos and more screens of H2Overdrive hit the net


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The floodgates have opened up on Raw Thrills’ new game H2Overdrive and the news continues to be good about the Hydro Thunder’s spiritual successor. has some videos on this now (I’ve been wondering when arcade companies would use resources like that or Gametrailers to really promote their games) and it looks awesome. Also, has a preview of the game overall with more screens worth gawking at and a bit of info on how the game has come together along with the game itself and how it employs a leveling up system and a keypad so you can save your progress, etc. It seems like they have taken some of the better elements from the Tokyo Drift series and incorporated it into the Hydro Thunder formula to make one heck of a game.

I am quite happy to see an arcade title get this level of attention, as we all know it doesn’t happen often anymore that a coin-op arcade game generates this much excitement so hopefully this trend will continue into the future. You might recall that for Raw Thrills’ part that they have invested quite a bit of capital into new game development and I think that what we have seen over the past few months is just the tip of the iceberg.

BTW- It also has been revealed that this is the game that Specular Interactive has been working on for Raw Thrills. We mentioned them quite a while back when it was revealed that they were working on something for Raw Thrills’ but all we could do was guess at what it was and we obviously weren’t even close. Here’s hoping that they keep it up after H2Overdrive though!

Little update: I just remembered that there is another boat racing game that is supposed to come to arcades sometime this year called Power Boat by InJoy, which we saw last year at IAAPA. Looks like boat racing is back in style.

[ H2Overdrive preview] [H2Overdrive on]

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