Want to own an arcade? Get one on eBay!

Shaggy February 11, 2009 0

(Thanks to Jarett Waite for the tip)

I get e-mails fairly often from people looking into starting their own arcade business and I think that it’s greatfantworld that so many people want to get into the business. The problem is however, that it takes an awful lot of work to get any business going and arcades are certainly no exception to that rule. One option any budding entrepreneuer could consider however is purchasing an existing arcade business, where all of the painful startup tasks have likely been resolved already. Such is the case with a place called Fantasy World in Abilene Texas, where the owner states “…having fulfilled my dream of owning an arcade, I’m ready to move on.”  Instead of just closing down however, he wants to let someone else take charge and go with it, which is admirable and so he has listed the business on eBay. The benefit of course is that the games are there already and a brand name has been established and on top of that, he reports : “Oh, and the sales, the highest they’ve been in our nearly 6-year history.  January came in 78% above last January!”

If it sounds tempting, check out the link here.

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