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Shaggy February 18, 2009 1

The arcade scene in Japan is starting to get a taste of what’s to come and while the show has not officially started yet, several different Japanese manufacturer AOU websites have been updated with some info on the games they are showing off and Japanese arcade news site are picking up on the info. Let’s check the lists in alphabetical order (click on any thumbnails to enlarge):

CAVE: Visit their AOU site here

Everyone’s favorite maker of crazy shmups will be showing DeathSmiles 2 at the show. Should be fun to watch people play this one.

Examu: No AOU site I can find

The makers of Arcana Heart 2 will be showing off their latest 2D fighter, Demon Bride. I recall being told that we could see more games from Examu being released in in the States by Andamiro but I need to check up with them to see if that will still be the case or not. I found some shots of Demon Bride on the French arcade fan news site Neo Arcadia, it looks pretty awesome if you ask me.

demonbride1 demonbride2

Konami: Visit their AOU site here

So far nothing new to report from what I can find.

Namco Bandai: Visit their AOU Site here

Same as Konami.

SEGA: Visit their AOU Site here.

In addition to stuff we had heard about like Virtua fighter 5R and the mecha game Border Break, they have revealed a shmup game called Noah RAJIRUGI, a 2D fighter (colored me somewhat surprised there!) called the KERUBERUSU project , WCCF 2007-2008 is there for the football/soccer fans, and a new “family racing game” called AIKYATCHI (or the translator calls it “Battle strongest fastest racer”) was revealed. Aikyatchi uses an idea Sega seemed to be really falling in love with, the racing game where you have two players in one seat. It’s graphically behind their other recent racing games though. No pics yet of Border Break but click on the thumbnails below to see the games mentioned above (they are ordered in the same pattern as I mentioned them).

noahshmup sega2dfighter wccf08 battleracersega

Taito: Visit their AOU site here

The game I have wanted to see from Taito the most is the reboot of Elevator Action, which they are calling Elevator Action: Death Parade. Sadly, the page they have on this reveals only a 3D rendering of the cabinet with the elevator doors closed over the screen. I’ll be keeing an eye out to find more on this one. They have revealed a new multiplayer party game, ala mini-games for the Wii in arcade form (which has been done before BTW with games like Panic Park but surprisingly we haven’t seen more of these kind of games in arcades lately) called Nippon Seigneur! (or maybe Senyo Kyotai, I’ve found two different places giving this a different name) and they are also showing off their pogo-stick controlled game “Hoppingurodo” (rough translation obviously). They also have a game called Haunted Museum listed on the site that is some sort of gun theater shooting game but that’s about all I could find out on it.

senyo_kyotai hopping_gamen01

There is a little more but I’m out of time right now so I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tchau for now.

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  1. Molloy February 18, 2009 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    That battle racer game has graphics that look like an iPhone game. 😀

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