Arcade game plots in reverse

Shaggy February 25, 2009 0

On the increasingly popular site Twitter (I did set up an account once but I haven’t really bothered to use it), some people are having a little game of writing about movie plots if you witnessed them in reverse and that same idea is arcade1being applied to video games. This includes a few arcade classics like Asteroids, Robotron 2084, Pac-Man and others. I suppose it can be fun (especially when news is slow) so if you have an idea, put it in the comments below. A couple I had off the top of my head:

Gauntlet Legends: Skorne has too many runestones cluttering up his temple so he enlists the help of four warriors to hide them while they reanimate hordes of evil monsters and level down.

House of the Dead 4: Two agents for People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies cruise the city removing bullets from zombies’ heads so that the zombies may roam about freely exercising their desire for the consumption of brains.

SMASH TV: Two guys leave the Pleasure Dome and go on a crusade to giveaway millions of their dollars and 2600″ TVs to bat-wielding people on a national gameshow . 

Not the best but it’s a start I suppose. More reverse plots (including some of those aforementioned arcade ones) at

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