Razing Storm gets a few more details with a press release

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Namco’s latest light-gun shooter will soon land in arcades (release is listed for March 2009) and in advance of that, Namco America has issued a press release on the game. There isn’t a lot of new information on the game that we didn’t know beforehand but, I did not know that this was put together by the same team who works on the Time Crisis series and they get rs2into a little more detail on how the digital surround sound system works. I just hope that the machine guns won’t cost nearly as much as Crisis Zone’s gun did, which was (and still is) a bit of a joke.We also have a new screenshot of the game, click on it on the right to enlarge.

Also for a brief note Namco America’s arcade portal, namcoamerica.com has been updated with a new look. It’s probably been like this for a while so I admit that I missed out on it but I’ll look at keeping an eye on it more often.

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Razing Storm: Storms The Industry

Razing Storm is ready to explode into the coin-op industry. From the team that

brought you the infamous Time Crisis series, comes the greatest machine gun

shooter to hit the market. What separates Razing Storm from other shooting games

on the market is the combination of a creatively futuristic game play and the

arrangement of top of the line audio and visual components.

Razing Storm immediately engages the player into a stirring storyline of vital

missions that will decide the fate of the United States of America. Players are given

the option in link mode, to team up against hundreds of enemy soldiers, and

demolish the fully interactive environment. Buildings, furniture, windows,

appliances, you name it; everything can be destroyed! Some levels even make use

of other heavy firearms in addition to the machine gun, such as the cluster shot and

the rocket launcher! Using the foot pedal, the player can duck, hide, and reload

with an interactive step. But one of the most innovative features of Razing Storm is

the advanced enemy AI that reacts to the style of each player so everyone has a

unique experience.
Alongside its incredible game play Razing Storm’s has stunning System 357 graphics

that come to life in HD on the 60″ DLP monitor mounted just feet from the player.

Digital Surround-Sound blasts out of the speakers and makes the game louder and

more realistic as it separates gunfire, voice commands, background music, sound

effects, and bass into different speakers. Not to mention, the innovative heavy

recoiling machine gun giving the player the feeling of every explosive vibration.

Razing Storm will be available March of 2009!

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  1. rich June 1, 2010 at 11:53 am - Reply

    is there a sound track from the game? or what band play the music?

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