A trip down memory lane: Namco's Starblade

Shaggy March 5, 2009 2

Sorry about the lack of updates recently – news has sort of dried up the past week or so compared to what we usually see. But we’re still here scouring for what we can.

Lately I have been thinking of games that we don’t see in arcades anymore, for some reason. Space combat games like Namco’s Starblade could easily be part of our “bread and butter” like a light-gun game or a racing title if done right. Throw a yoke controller in a sleek cabinet with a nice sound system and a cool game like this and you’d have a winner.  Heck maybe make it a co-op game too for some extra fun.

I haven’t seen Starblade in ages so let’s take a trip down memory lane with this youtube video that was recently uploaded by user Macwhoelse. Anyone else remember this arcade title?

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  1. Editor March 5, 2009 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    Great game one of my favorites – that magical mirrored screen added to the game.

    Also remember:

    ‘Galaxian 3’


    ‘Starblade : Operation Blue Planet ‘ (proto)

  2. Nomax March 6, 2009 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    Starblade! I was mad about this game when I was younger!!!

    This was very impressive at the time and the immersion was great. You though to be in Star Wars. If I remember correctly, there were strobe lights flashing during critical moments… I haven’t seen it in ages either!

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