IGS releases Speed Driver 2 and Speed Rider in Asian markets

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Taiwanese arcade game maker IGS has some new games to show off and this time we’ve got another motorcycle racing game and a car racing game, named Speed Rider and Speed Driver 2, respectively. Speed Rider looks to carry plenty of inspiration from Super Bikes and Speed Driver f94seems like an Initial D clone, although I am not 100% sure how similar they might be. Either way you can check out the videos by clicking on the links below. I noticed that they sped up the frame rate of the video on Speed Driver 2 to make it look like it was going faster than it really does.  I did attempt to upload the videos directly to the site but unfortunately I was met with an IO error both times, which might be due to the connection I am currently using.

[Speed Rider video link]

[Speed Driver 2 video link]

Also on another IGS note, they are reporting once again that revenues are up thanks to their coin-op division, this time it’s up 66%. I don’t knwo how many quarters this makes in a row that they have been posting gains but it’s proof once again that there’s life to coin-op video games.

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