Konami already testing a sequel/update to uBeat

Shaggy March 17, 2009 0


One game I had hoped to see at ASI was Konami’s uBeat. There had been a US location test but since then we have heard pretty much nothing about the game here. Sadly, we still have not heard anything but as a show of faith in the title overall, Konami is now testing a sequel to the game in Japan, called Jubeat Ripples (in Japan, they put a J in front of it). There are some details of the first location test up at Aries Small Rooms. The cabinet looks the same but they have added some changes to how the game handles certain events and added some songs. The translation of that page is a bit rough though so it’s unclear as to what some of the changes are (such as the default marker, whatever that is). There is another location test tomorrow so we will see if there are any extra details to be had when reports of that test hit the net.

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