Rumor: Terminator Salvation coming to arcades later this year

Shaggy March 17, 2009 12

tsalvHey, hey, it’s rumor time again, this time it’s about another Bale-Out! Just kidding, although the rumored game will have something to do Christian Bale in a sense. As you might know, one big movie that many people are looking forward to this year is the new Terminator movie, known as Terminator Salvation, set to be released on May 21st 2009. And rumor has it, according to an unnamed but reliable source of ours that a major arcade studio is looking to release a light-gun title based upon the new movie, later this year. Which studio that is they did not say but our source did state that the game currently looks “astounding” and should turn some heads when it comes out. I did try to find out about new releases from the various manufacturers at ASI but they were all silent on that point so I can only guess as to who might be working on such a title (which it could be any of them).   As soon as we find out more in an official sense we’ll be sure to pass it along but until then, what do you think if this holds true?

Personally I have not seen much on this movie yet, admittedly I need to catch up on the trailers although from what I have seen and heard, it sounds like it should be a good one and Terminator always seems to be the perfect fit for a light-gun arcade title, as it was in 1991 with Midway’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Stay tuned, we’ll be trying to find out more.

Little update: I have noticed that some commentors on sites linking to this post are wondering where they can find an arcade near them. Just a friendly reminder that you can check out the websites Arcade Finder and Arcade Fly to help you locate an arcade where you can then go and bug them about getting new arcade titles like Terminator or anything else that is coming along. 🙂

Oh and as for an update on the rumored title this post mentions, I have also been told that the game will not use mounted guns like in the T2 arcade title, but will use free movement guns connected to the cabinet, like we see with most arcade light-gun games. Of course who knows if they change their mind after testing, although personally I like having free guns more than mounted ones.

I also have added a little note to our Brazilian friends who are checking out this post in droves after the break below.

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Para as pessoas que estão lendo esse artigo no Brasil (eu estou vendo que tem muitas pessoas vindo aqui da MSN), uma anotação a respeito deste post para voces! Embora que sou Americano, eu já morei no Brasil por dois anos e pouco, aonde eu aprendi como falar portugues e casei com uma Brasileira de MG também. 🙂

De acordo com ou rumore que recembemos o outro dia, uma empresa grande de fliperama vai lançar um jogo no fim desse ano que é baseado no novo filme do Terminator Salvation.  A fonte dessa informação vem pra gente de uma pessoa bem confiavél que já nos deu informaçoes no passado que provaram ser corretos, então é extremamente provavel que é verdade. Eu não sei se ou outro jogo de arcade que foi baseado no Terminator lançou no Brasil nos anos 90 (chamado de Terminator 2: Judgement Day), mas pelo que falou, esse novo jogo vai ser um pouco diferente daquele velho jogo e os graficos vai ser incriveis. Vamos ter mais informação a respeito desse jogo daqui nos meses seguintes e eu acho que vai ser bem legal.

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  1. Fredrick2003 March 21, 2009 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    I wish arcades responded to begging, but they make too much money off of ignorant families to waste time getting new games.

    I can’t believe people actually pay for the whole $20/hr of playtime thing, I couldn’t go through $20 in a visit if I tried!

  2. Shaggy March 21, 2009 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    Well you have to remember that every place is going to be different. Yes there are arcades out there who could care less what the opinions of the players are but there are some who do care. I know that I’m not the only person out there who does!

    The $20/hr thing is also very dependent to the arcade you go to and what their pricing structure is. I’ve seen a trend lately where it’s a $5 flat fee for a whole day; there are nickelcades where it takes all day to burn through $20, etc.

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