There's always a good reason to keep the classics around

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Not many arcades have some of the good old classics on-site anymore but for those who do, there is one great advantage that comes out of it – those games easily attract older players who might not be enamored by newer games. Such is the subject of this brief news article in the Evansville Courier Press, which discusses how attractive classic game titles are at the Two Bit Bandit Family Indoor Sports Complex, located in Evansville Indiana. While the site operator does have some newer titles like Deal or No Deal, he also has a few classics which bring in the older players who might be looking for something else to play while their kids are playing the newer stuff.

I have seen this a little bit at my own arcade, and it’s one of the reasons I like having some classics on hand so that my game variety goes beyond the normal fare and so that anyone can find something that they would like to play. Sometimes the kids will go for the classic games but certainly not as often as the adults do.I even will have some adults ask for classic titles on occasion, such as Ms. Pac-Man or Frogger and my Asteroids Deluxe is played every day by the young and old alike (it helps to have that vector monitor of course). Of course the downside to some of the older games is maintenance, which can become troublesome as they get older but a couple of companies like Namco still release classic compilations on new hardware so you do not have to worry so much about that. Now if we could just see some more classic style games coming along with more modern graphics (that don’t all go to download services like XBL)

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