Street Fighter IV invades London Arcades

Shaggy April 2, 2009 0


I finally got a chance to play SFIV the other day as my brother had purchased it for the Xbox 360. It was fun, especially when I beat Seth with Blanka on Hardest after a couple of tries. It certainly was a little awkward without an arcade stick but the game itself seemed to be as fun as expected. If you want to find an arcade version of the game though it can be difficult in anywhere but Japan but if you are in London, a few operators have imported some machines to satisfy players. And boy have they satisified. According to the Stinger Report:

Though certain executives were adamant that no arcade business was being done with the SFIV property in the UK, The Stinger Report can reveal exclusively that there is over four SFIV arcade cabs in operation in the countries capital.


London’s Trocadero amusement site (FunLand) placed two SFIV cabs in operation to compliment their famous Tekken6 system directly after the ATEI show. The machines have been phenomenally popular, breaking the revenue record… set by T6!

London’s Tottenham Court Road (Casino) arcade – operated by RS distributor Electrocoin bit the bullet and operated two SFIV machines in the basement gaming facility.

sfivuk2 sfivuk3

The difference with these machines is that they are direct from JP and are configured for IC Card and e-payment operation, these elements are under consideration for operation.

sfivuk4 sfivuk5

Kudos to London operators for taking the jump into the game, here’s hoping that it pays off for them!

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  1. arcads4ever April 8, 2009 at 10:23 am - Reply

    “sigh” theres no doubt in my mind we would have been having this game in namco wonderpark in sheffield if meadowhall (shopping centre/mall) hadn’t booted namco wonderpark out to put a few crappy expensive restaurants in its place. I would rather find out that they shut down because they were loosing money and not because the owner of meadowhall wanted them out. RIP namco wonderpark, the best arcade that was equilivent to funland trocadero in the north of england.

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