Timezone FECs testing out a new design, hopes to set standard

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As I have been working on a new arcade, my thoughts have turned towards developing a new theme. I liked the theme at my current arcade although admittedly it is lacking since I never finished it up properly. I meant to paint all of the walls with circuit board-like graphics and add more lighting but between the lack of time and where it appeared that I wouldn’t be at my current location for very long anyways, I began to loose the desire to really spend the necessary time I needed to to get it all done. That will change with the new place and one thing I like always seeing are different themes and designs that other arcades around the world use.

Timezone, which operates many FECs found throughout Indonesia and several different Southeast Asian countries is launching a new design that if it works out, may very well become the standard that all of their FECs follow. After looking at it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other FECs around the world to try out similar designs or ideas. There is a lot to a theme – I think that in addition to the games you find in a place, the theme around you sets the mood that you are likely to feel while there. Timezone’s idea is to go with a futuristic look that you can see in more detail by clicking on the thumbnails below. A press release detailing the changes can be found after the post break.

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Press release

Timezone Sets New Standard in FEC Design

Timezone operates in 7 countries in the Australasian and Southeast Asian region including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and India.

Currently, the largest FEC operation is in Indonesia with more than 100 outlets.

Timezone Indonesia has its own Projects Department where new store designs are initiated, developed, designed and managed through the installation process under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Larry Panes Director Operations.

Head of the new Projects Department is Ms. Josina Lokollo who has been in-charge of new store design for more than 10 years and is responsible for translating and shaping the design creation into reality and final form.

Recently, Timezone Indonesia commenced testing a new design.

The object of the design was to create a contemporary futuristic theme that would be appealing to patrons and at the same time create an atmosphere of “fun and excitement”.

The walls and ceiling are designed to be complimentary to the games and feature brand reinforcement through lifestyle images.

The new design has been developed in a new mall located in the Jakarta suburb of Pluit.

David Dale President Director & CEO for Timezone in Indonesia said that the new design concept had been well received by the customer base.  “Timezone is the undisputed market leader in Indonesia with an awareness level amongst parents and children of 80%.  This compares to its major competitors which are 9% or less.  We believe that the success of the Timezone Brand in Indonesia is significantly supported by the store design and the general ambience of the location” explained David Dale.

The Pluit store is a pilot location being considered as a standard design for future store development within the Timezone Group.

Sonaal Chopra, CEO for the Timezone Group Internationally said he was very impressed with the new design which clearly demonstrated the professionalism of Josina Lokollo and her Project Team.  “Indonesia has its own Project Division which takes the process from store design through to build out. Timezone is part of a highly integrated Group that designs, manufactures and operates “State of the Art” games and attractions in more than 220 FEC locations in 7 countries. The LAI Games division also sells the games in more than 30 countries. The Embed Technology division also distribute their Debit Card and Management Systems from offices in Australia, USA and the Middle East. Our high level if integration allows us be very competitive in the areas of Store design, Product, Service and Value”, explained Mr. Chopra.

End of Press Release


  1. ashley April 17, 2009 at 4:21 am - Reply

    interesting news,as in christchurch new zealand,i have seen this new theme just completed in there prime time zone.

  2. arcads4ever April 19, 2009 at 10:25 am - Reply

    they should try bring out their time zone franchies into europe. wouldn’t mind aa visit

  3. ashley April 20, 2009 at 12:28 am - Reply

    is there no time zone’s in europe hmm,there goes an opertunity,they do really well here in nz,but then if some one took the same games and had a similar theme they would probably do better no franchise fees.still have to find a way to sell of your old games,i constantly change mine every 2 yrs.i just bought a lemans 24hr and a deal or no deal for easter.

  4. arcads4ever April 20, 2009 at 10:26 am - Reply

    mind you thinking about it its also about finding a suitable location too, I wrote to namco last year because namco wonderpark got forced to shut down because meadowhall (shopping mall/centre) wanted to put 3 restaurants in its place and despite namco offering triple pay rent and more money on top they still got told to move out. it was very popular arcade too and I was gutted and so upset. I wrote to namco station head office and asked why they never had arcades in cities and its because that the rent is so expencive and thats why they either have there arcades in shopping centres/malls or on low cost out of town sites or leisure parks that has free parking. they are still looking for somewhere to put a namco station to date, one day it will happen.

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