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Way back during IAAPA last year, one surprise we got was that Smart Industries had picked up a submarine combat game from an Asian developer that they called Battle Stations. from the reports we got at the show, it sounded like those who played the game walked away impressed but unfortunately we did not see much else about the game after that – there were a couple of cabinet pictures and no videos. For a time, Smart put the game up on their website, only to remove it not long after that. It wasn’t at ASI and I asked them about it and they told me that we would hear more “in a few weeks”. It’s been much longer than that with no word from Smart and I have e-mailed a couple of people there about it and have never got a response about what they are doing with the game. As such, I do not know if Smart is still going to bring the game to light in the US but if they aren’t willing to then I hope that someone else does as I have finally found some more information on it and it looks pretty neat.

As it turns out, the game was created by IGS, who has created a number of arcade games that include games like Oriental Legend 2, which I have at my arcade. In Asia the game has a different name however, which is why I overlooked it until now when I found some time to do some digging. The game is called Ocean Force there and fortunately they have a small website dedicated to the game where we get a look at how the game plays and on top of that, I have discovered a video of the game in action on Youtube that I will be posting in a few minutes that has to do with another arcade event, stay tuned!

[Ocean Force/Battle Stations IGS site]

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