A couple of new arcade openings, one in Glace Bay Canada, one in Steamboat Springs, CO

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It is frustrating that when the announcement of an arcade business closing hits the internet, it’s fairly easy to find stories where people imply that it must mean utter doom for the rest of the entire industry but those same writers generally overlook the announcements regarding the opening of new arcade businesses. Of course this is the worst amongst gaming journalists, who assume that the industry itself is completely dead, despite the flow of new games that come along every year. Either way, I am happy to welcome a couple of new arcades to the fold here, one in Glace Bay, Canada called Eastcoast Arcades and one in Steamboat Springs, Colorado called Wolf Mountain Pizza.

Eastcoast Arcades opens this Saturday and is owned by Brad and Darlene Andrews. It will start out as a smaller arcade with 10 arcades, a pool table, an air hockey table and 3 Xbox ArcadeSmall360 systems. They sound quite confident that it is a good location and the article I will link to about their story has some good info on how they researched the business and put it together. [Article]

Wolf Mountain Pizza is an existing business that is actually expanding into a larger space and with this expansion they will be adding some arcade games to their growing restaurant, although it does not say how many will be added to the location. [Article]

Both of these will be smaller operations but just because an arcade might be smaller does not mean that it should be overlooked. I personally know how it can be a challenge to operate a small arcade and the more of us that are out there, the easier it becomes to find coin-op games near you. It also potentially creates more customers for arcade game companies to sell to and the higher their sales are, the more games we can hope to see.

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  1. arcads4ever June 6, 2009 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    of course arcades come and go and then new ones come along. not every arcade is very good mostly due to certain operators not giving a dam about their machines or because they were in a bad area that’s either too expencive to rent or too hard for people to find and not knowing where an arcade is

    if more people knew where to find arcades and are easy to located then of course they will come. I wrote to namco about opening a namco station in sheffield south yorkshire after meadowhall booting out namco and he said they are still looking to open one in sheffield but said they are trying to find a good location and also said that they only open namco stations in either large shopping malls, leisure parks or low cost out of town sites. if only cities didn’t charge so much rent then there would probably be more arcades in cities across the world like in japan that have great big building with different games and genres on each floor.

    man that would be a dream come true and more people would deffinatly go to arcades more often like in japan. goverments should try work out some tatics that can help out arcade operators instead of making it harder for them to run an arcade like charging 50% tax per machine etc…(just arough guess at what tax they would charge)

    arcades aren’t dying they just need assistance from local goverments. but of corse operators and arcade companies need to come up with good tatics to make people want come to arcades more and not relying on the goverments too much and take for granted.

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