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Shaggy June 13, 2009 2

One of the new shots from H2Overdrive via Noe's blog

While it has not been released yet (although I believe that it will be in the next week or so), H2Overdrive is already creating fans and one of them had the lucky chance to visit Specular Interactive’s studios in Southern California where he got a chance to see the latest version of the game and sit down with the staff for some interviews. The game has changed considerably since it was seen at ASI, which was discussed at in my recent interview with Steve Ranck of Specular but here you can really see in great detail how the game differs. They have even changed some of the things on the cabinet, including the addition of an LED speedometer. This game is going to be quite deep and also to dispel some rumors, this is NOT currently being ported over to Xbox Live. For the time being (especially for us operators) this is arcade exclusive.

The site is at 1up.com and while the user, Noe. V. is not a staffer at 1up but he is responsible for uploading the many clips of H2Overdrive that you can find there including the latest trailer that we discussed a few days ago. With this in-depth interview, two video interviews and new screenshots, this should certainly be enough to hold you over until the game starts landing in arcades in the next week or two.

[Noe V.’s Blog with tons of H2Overdrive goodness] [Discuss on the Forum]


  1. arcads4ever June 15, 2009 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    “While it has not been released yet (although I believe that it will be in the next week or so)”

    does this include europe too. to be honest I think I’d rather play this in the arcade than on a console anyway. why does it need to be ported to consoles anyway? its not like there aren’t many games released on consoles anyway. the only reason I would want this to come to a console is because I can’t find somewhere that has the game which is highly unlikley or because say 15 years time when there starting to break down with aging.

  2. james June 18, 2009 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    wow this looks so awesome i bet is going to be a good games.

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