The Game Carry model sort of becomes a reality with the Games2U vehicle

Shaggy July 2, 2009 0



Remember the Game Carry? Apparently someone thought that this would be a good idea to try out in reality. They didn’t put any arcade games in it but by driving around with a van loaded with video games it’s a new twist on the ice cream truck concept. From the Games2U commercial, they are even franchising the idea so that means that it must have been successful where it was originally tried out. Next thing you know they will have 18 wheelers driving around with the same idea although that wouldn’t be as easy to pull into a neighborhood as this van.

These vans do offer more than video games, they also have hamster balls and outdoor laser tag systems so that does make this sort of thing a good idea for outdoor parties. More info can be found at the Games2u site below.

[Games2U site / Commercial] [Discuss on the Forums]

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