Tekken chief says unlockable characters are outdated

Shaggy July 3, 2009 1



Some interesting news related to the Tekken franchise – the guy in charge of Tekken stated in a recent interview that “unlockables are outdated”, primarily due to the nature of online play. Unlockable content was added into arcade fighters as a way to keep players coming back for more and the idea even made sense where console games were concerned but apparently Mr. Harada feels that the time for such content has passed and as such, the home version of Tekken 6 will have all playable characters available from the get-go. I wonder if the same idea will be used in future Tekken arcade releases or not, I have to imagine that unlockable content is still completely valid in arcades but what do you think about it?

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  1. arcads4ever July 15, 2009 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    its an old idea but can they think of anything else that will drag the player to the arcade. nothing wrong with old ideas.

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