More details on Taito’s new FPS Cyber Diver

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Most of the news this week seems to be revolving around Japanese releases but that’s OK – even if you don’t live in Japan some of these games could make their way to a location near you via imports or ‘official distribution’. It’s also interesting to look at trends coming along in the arcade industry no matter where they are based.

Today Taito has revealed a lot more info on their strange FPS called Cyber Diver. This game is intended as both an upgrade kit for Half-Life 2: Survivor games (which in case you did cyberdiver2not know, was Taito’s most recent entry into the arcade FPS genre) as well as a stand-alone unit that looks to offer 5-on-5 combat. The game will use Taito’s new arcade hardware called Genesys which produces some nice graphics from the looks of it but the game itself features an unusual design that combines elements of things I have seen in Halo, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Red Steel (with the melee combat – but this also includes lightsabers) and Unreal Tournament 3. It also adds it’s own flare to it with dramatic displays that take place when you change your weapon into something else or transform your character. It’s all a bit crazy and you can see what I mean by checking out the video that is currently on the official Cyber Diver website. The game is going on location test in Japan so perhaps someone will grab some video of how it works with the cabinet here soon as well.

[Pics via Gamespot Japan] [Cyber Diver Website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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