New FEC opens in Jordan – Jingo's Jungle

Shaggy July 15, 2009 0



We don’t get a lot of arcade news coming out of the Middle East – most of what we do get comes from Dubai. But now a new developer is opening an FEC in the country of Jordan called Jingo’s Jungle, a 6456 sq. meter facility that offers every sorts of entertainment you would expect to find at an FEC, including an arcade with 81 games.  One unique feature they also have is a face painting and barber shop for kids; they also have a ‘multi-activity center’ where there is someone who tells stories to kids, an RC race track, bumper cars, various rides and more. Jingo’s Jungle is the first family entertainment center to open in Jordan and they already have worked on spreading the word by participating in a Kid’s Expo there. Good luck to Jingo’s Jungle, I imagine that if it is successful, Jordan could see more centers like it appear and who knows, perhaps soon we’ll start hearing about many more facilities opening across the Middle East.

[Jingo’s Jungle website (English)] [Via] [Discuss on the forums]

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