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Famitsu has posted more information on the upcoming mech battle game Border Break by Sega and thanks to Aaron Auzins, we have a rundown of what the article discusses. This is one title I really hope to see get a release outside of Japan although I know that the chances aren’t terribly great with that touch screen (then again, they did release Primeval Hunt) and all of the customization menus but it is something different from what we usually see on the international market. Time will tell I suppose.

Here’s Aaron with the details:
Border Break – SEGA Network Robot Wars

With the announcement of SEGA’s new arcade hardware RINGEDGE, arcade
fans were introduced to one of its first offerings, the team-based
mech game Border Break. With the game anticipating a fall release in
Japan, has posted quite a few details on how the gameplay
will work.

The game will really build on team gameplay, offering 20-person
competitive matches, which will pit 10 players versus 10 through the
ALL.Net service. Border Break will operate using a touch panel screen
to navigate menus and activate some sort of chat ability in order to
communicate with ally players. Also on the control panel are two
grips – the right grip will aim and shoot as well as switch between
the players’ different weapons, while the left stick will move the
player’s mech, which in Border Break is called an airframe. The piece
notes the controls a very similar to using a mouse setup scheme on a

The gameplay will not only revolve around fragging other airframes,
but the team-based structure also requires players to seek out the
enemy team’s core while protecting their own. There are four default
airframes, which each offering a number of differing abilities. It
will be up to players to experiment to find out which weapons suit
their play style and is appropriate for the current map.

The Assault Airframe – A balanced airframe with a sword and mobility
buffers to rush an opponent’s territory
Main weapon: M90 SMG – a fast firing machine gun, but has low power
Sub weapon: 38-type Grenade – when thrown, detonates with a powerful
blast after a few seconds
Supplementary equipment: Sword – a very powerful melee weapon that can
cut enemies into two
Special equipment: Assault Charger – temporarily improves mobility for
high-speed movement

The Heavy Airframe – A very powerful airframe used for full-frontal assaults
Main weapon: Wiesel Machine Gun – a much more powerful machine gun,
but it can overheat easily
Sub weapon: Rockets – a very powerful rocket that generates a big explosion
Supplementary equipment: ECM Grenade – a grenade that emits a jamming
wave, temporarily blinding opponents
Special equipment: Titan Howitzer Shell – a shell that is shot into
the air and falls onto the opponent; mostly used from long-range

The Snipe Airframe – A long-range attack airframe that plays slightly
defensively with buffers and traps
Main weapon: Sniper Rifle – has the longest range of any weapon in the
game, comes with a scope
Sub weapon: M40 – a small handgun that comes in use when players are
confronted at short range; however, it holds very few bullets at a
Supplementary equipment: Sentry Gun SMG – can be left behind when
players are on the run; the sentry gun recognizes enemies in range and
fires automatically
Special equipment: Shield Generator – Activates a shield that prevents
damage for a short time, however, the shield only protects the front
of the airframe

The Support Airframe – An airframe that pales in firepower compared to
others, but is useful for scouting and repairs
Main weapon: Smack Shot – can fire multiple bullets at once, but is
mostly only useful at short range
Sub weapon: Heavy Mine – leaves behind a mine that creates a large
explosion when the enemy steps on it; does not explode on allies
Supplementary equipment: Lark Surveillance Plane – a small plane that
flies at high speed and displays the enemies’ locations
Special equipment: Repair unit – The main use of the support: Repairs
damage done to the player, allies and the team’s core

Border Break will also take advantage of special IC cards developed
for the game. With the card, players can register names and
characters for personalized use while playing the title. Players with
the cards will have special customization options for their characters
and airframes, with game points awarded from play being available to
make purchases. The GP and customization allows players to buy new
weapons and parts to customize personal airframes and it is noted with
the variety of different environments in the game, smart players will
be changing out parts to adapt to the different stages. The card will
also track stats and will rank players from D5 (beginner) all the way
up to class A. New items will become available to players that play
regularly and clear class recognition missions in order to rank up.

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  1. arcads4ever July 22, 2009 at 9:45 am - Reply

    I have a feeling this might get a release. some reason it makes me think back to when maxi tune was first released and now there are 4 games released in the series including DX.

    I hope sega announces new games that use the new ringedge hardware. THOTD5 anyone? maybe a new ghost squad or daytona? a sega hang on 2 perhaps?

    when sega said they canceled some games in development due to the resssion I hope its just the games that are not seeing a broad release such as a manjong, quiz or any others that have no planned worldwide release.

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