172 lbs. of marijuana found in a crane game

Shaggy July 31, 2009 0


Drug runners will use pretty much anything to hide the transport of their “products” – that’s no secret. It is slightly surprising to read this story of a Las Vegas man who was crane+machinetransporting marijuana in the bottom of a crane game however. Obviously the drug would not have been used as an actual prize (of course I guess that depends on where you find yourself in the world) and the crane game was simply the cover being used but I know that it would be surprising if you were expecting the delivery of a game and you happened to get it before the drugs inside were removed, although that would probably be a very rare occurrence. In this case the police were on top of what was going on and arrested the man involved with the scheme, although I have to believe that there would be more people involved here so who knows if more games are being used for this sort of trafficking.

[Via The Daily Herald.com] [Discuss on the Forums]

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