From Mongolia to Cambodia

Shaggy August 5, 2009 0

It has been a while since we had a glimpse at some arcades in areas where we might not hear too much about in the news – the most recent one I recall was an arcade found in North Korea. Thanks to contributor Oga Shi, he has pointed us to a couple of several month old articles on Japanese website where they went out and took a look at an arcade in Mongolia and one in Cambodia. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of pictures of either place but the two could not be on more opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of quality.


First the arcade in Ulan Bator Mongolia, called the Starplay Game Center had been closed for a couple of days when the reporter passed by and no one was sure why . I am really curious to know what it looks like on the inside and see what they have going on there – from the outside it looks pretty rundown but according to what the article states via the translator, they heard that it had some retro games inside along with a PC network.  Admittedly I do not know an awful lot about Mongolia but I am slightly surprised to see how much English text they use on their store ads there, although I have seen similar things like that when I lived in Brazil.


On to Cambodia, the Rocket News guys made a visit to the most popular arcade in Cambodia – one intended for rich customers that features a lot of cool games and an extendisve security system. Known as the NeoGeo SNK arcade, I didn’t find a lot of information on this one via a quick Google search although I think I have heard of it before. Natrually they have a lot of SNK games on location and King of Fighters is especially popular.  For a little more on both of these arcades, click on the links

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