Weird: Theme park in UK to offer hypnosis for parents afraid to go on scary rides

Shaggy August 30, 2009 0

When you look at the amusement business, you expect to see facilities try what they can do differently to pull people into their premises but I have to admit that I never had thought hypnosisof a hypnotist as being one of those um…perks. Such will be the case at the Chessington World of Adventures in the UK where after surveying some of their younger audience found that kids were “annoyed by parents reluctant to go on the white knuckle rides.” The solution: hire a hypnotist to hypnotize said reluctant parents so they will no longer have a problem with such rides. While it remains to be seen how many people will go for such hypnotherapy, you have to hand it to World of Adventures for trying out something different.

We may as well do a poll for this one!

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