Catching up: Arcade Heroes Podcast #7

Shaggy September 12, 2009 0

The podcast is back and apologies in advance about the delay with that – for the past few weeks I have been in a transition phase moving my arcade from one location to another. Due to that I was unable to do anything podcast related (or post terribly often) but now that we are pretty much settled in, life is getting back to normal. So with that, here is podcast #7, where I am joined by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. We discuss some of the recent news happening in the arcade industry and also we do a Sega retrospective, looking back at the long history of Sega. Once again we lost track of time and this one lasts for about 1 hr 40min. I apologize for the sound quality on this one, I had a lot of issues with the recording this time around (we actually had to record it twice) so when I can I’ll be getting a new soundcard.

Click here to download the podcast (about 200MB in size)

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