"If Jimi were a pinball machine" T-Shirt

Shaggy September 25, 2009 0


While we come across arcade-related T-shirts every now and then that are worth talking about, it’s pretty rare that we see a cool pinball t-shirt. This one comes from TeeFury.com and apparently this is only available today (Sept. 25th) and after that, no more will be made. Apparently that’s how the site works (limited edition T-shirts that are available only for 24 hrs.) so at the very least if you grab one today you will have a rare t-shirt that you won’t see very often. The premise of the shirt is “If Jimi were a pinball machine”, that Jimi being the legendary Jimi Hendrix. One nice thing about it is that they are only $9 so it won’t set you back very much to get one.

[Jimi Hendrix Pinball T-Shirt @ TeeFury.com] [Discuss on the Forums]

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