Blazblue gets an update with Continuum Shift (updated)

Shaggy September 26, 2009 0

bbluecsThere is another HD fighter out there that is turning heads in arcades and it’s not SFIV but the Guilty Gear-like BlazBlue. Personally I have not played BlazBlue yet although I have had a number of customers call me inquiring about the game and it seems to be generating a decent bit of excitement among those who have played it. As such it should come as good news to fans and operators who bought the arcade that the arcade version is getting an update called BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. The update will add new modes, characters and levels to spice up the game. As a side note, BlazBlue did get an international release outside of Japan in both the US and Europe so I imagine that this update will also be available in those territories not long after it’s release.


For more details, check out the official BlazBlue site here or read the Famitsu article about it here.

UPDATE: Small Rooms Aries is reporting that there was up to a five hour wait time to play the new BlazBlue update at a recent location test.

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