Classic Arcade 3D pixel art

Shaggy October 6, 2009 0



In the world of computer graphics, one idea that is starting to gain a lot of attention (even though the concept has been around for quite a while with some games using the technology) is that of the voxel or 3D pixel. For example in iD’s latest game engine, called iD Tech 5 it uses a new technique that involves voxels called Sparse Voxel Octree’s (or SVO’s) and the results can be nothing short of amazing if you have seen iD’s engine in action. But while the use of voxels continues to pave it’s way through video game land it is also being used in art and with that, there are some people creating some interesting pieces that just so happen to involve arcade titles. Of course these are not pictures from real-time demos of arcade titles converted over to voxels but it makes you wonder how such games would work using modern 3D pixel techniques.

For more arcade-related 3D pixel art, including titles like Centipede, Space Invaders, Lady Bug, Donkey Kong and more, click here.

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