A few more details on BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Shaggy October 20, 2009 0


The details continue to trickle out on the new BlazBlue update and there is one thing that is worth noting in this as we hear from AH contributor, Aaron Auzins:

“Location testings in the Kansai and Kyushu regions of Japan:
Osaka – Oct. 24-25
Fukuoka – Oct. 31-Nov. 1

This testing will mark the first time the characters Hazama and Tsubaki Yayoi will be playable along with a new beginner mode configuration to make the gameplay easier for those not accustomed to the game.

The title will stick to using the TAITO Type X2 board and Arc System Works in currently expecting a “winter 2009″ release date.”

Emphasis is my own there. One nice thing about any fighter is that pretty much any player can walk up to it, mash the buttons and get something done but IMO “easy” modes help new players feel like the game is within their league as opposed to outside of it (until they come across an expert player of course). This won’t be the first time such modes have been used in fighters, I’m watching someone play Marvel VS. Capcom as I write this and most of the time players select the easy mode when it is offered to them.

[Via Famitsu] [Discuss on the Forums]

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