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While there have been many new games on the Apple iPhone which are conversions of an arcade game in some form or another, we have not seen many modern arcade ports to the platform. That is about to change with the release of Big Buck Hunter Pro for the iPhone by developer Super Happy Fun Fun. In this handheld iteration of the coin-op title, you take your shots by simply touching the screen and the rules work out just like the arcade version by shooting three bucks while avoiding the does. It also includes some of the mini-game bonus rounds where players can practice their skills. arcade game finder

UPDATE: Super Happy Fun Fun elaborates on the similarties and differences between this and the arcade version in how the game plays:

The big difference is the controls but beyond that Play Mechanix provided SHFF the actual assets from BBHP arcade game. All of the models, voice and music is exactly the same. The 30 different sites were custom edited to better fit the pacing of the finger shooting style of the iPhone/touch.

The iPhone/touch version features the Whitetail Adventure and 3 of the arcade version’s bonus games but we have plans for releasing additional content.”

One very interesting aspect of this game that will set it apart from other arcade ports is the Arcade Finder function. By using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone, players will be able to find a Big Buck Hunter Pro Online unit near them, which could potentially lead to new players finding their way to the full-sized coin-op version. It also will allow players to create or update their BBH online account and they can even track their standings on both the iPhone and arcade leaderboards. As far as I know, this is the first time such functionality has been featured in an iPhone app (or at the very least, within a game) and I am trying to find out if this feature will be expanded to include Big Buck Safari and Open Season online units as well. The potential for this reaching new demographics via the iPhone user base is pretty high and on top of that the online features could prove to be a popular thing with BBH fans who may want an easier way to keep track of their online standings and that is a great thing for arcade operators.

UPDATE:  Super Happy Fun Fun confirmed to me today that the Arcade Finder feature is actually capable of finding all Big Buck units connected to the Coin-Up network, so yes, that will include online versions of Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season. Also, the game is now available on the iTunes store today, so you can pick it up and see for yourself.

For a few more details on the game, including in-game screen shots, hit the link below.

About Big Buck Hunter Pro for iPhone

Big Buck Hunter Pro has fast-paced and accessible arcade-style action in which players must shoot three whitetail bucks per stage without hitting any female bystanders (kill a doe and it’s game over). While players wait for bucks to enter the line of sight, crafty critters will provide plenty of target practice. With a combination of kill distance, impact location (where players hit the deer), and number of shots for the kill, skilled hunters can win a host of achievements and Big Buck Hunter glory with better kills and higher scores to flaunt on the game’s networked leaderboards. Bonus level mini-games like Frog Flippin’, Duck Hunt and Gopher Garden provide additional challenges between the big hunts and can be played separately for a quick shot of marksman challenge.
bbhingame screen

The Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone iteration offers addictive touch-to-shoot interaction across three stunning 3D hunting destinations. And forget any confusing or disorienting navigation and scope controls; in Big Buck Hunter Pro, just go in for the kill. The built-in BBHP Arcade Game Locator utilizes the iPhone GPS capability to find the nearest networked Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade unit in the vicinity. With over 700 interconnected arcade units across the country, chances are players won’t have to travel far. User can also register and update their Big Buck Hunter arcade account, keep track of iPhone leaderboards and even track their arcade standings, right there on the iPhone.
Thanks to Wendy Beasley for the screenshots and details!


  1. 2600 October 27, 2009 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    Does anyone know if the BBH Pro finder would work on an i pod touch if connected through wi-fi? If so this might be a great device to help with finding arcades in general while on a road trip for non i phone users. Stop at a Mc D’s, connect, and search.

    • Frank Modjewski October 27, 2009 at 5:55 pm - Reply

      The big buck pro for the iPhone should work for the iPod touch as most apps do. I haven’t read anything yet that says it only works for 3GS.

    • houseofarcades October 27, 2009 at 8:41 pm - Reply

      If you have the latest firmware upgrades for the Ipod Touch I think it should work. I’ll have to try it and will follow up with an update.

  2. Brian December 22, 2009 at 6:10 pm - Reply

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