Incredible Technologies brings Carnival King to WiiWare

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News has been slow this week – which I will blame on the upcoming IAAPA show as companies hold onto announcements for the big event. But one piece of news that is sort of arcade related that has been brought out before the show is that Incredible Technologies is embracing the Wii once again(they had ported Target Toss Pro: Bags to the Wii a little while ago) and they are bringing one of their older games back from the coin-op world, Carnival King. If you are unfamiliar with Carnival King, it is a shooting gallery style game that IT released back in 2002 and the WiiWare port will only run you $7. IT sees this plan of bringing some of their content to home consoles as a way to develop interest in their current coin-op market titles. For more details on this new WiiWare release, see the press release after the break.

Incredible Technologies Releases Carnival King™ on WiiWare™

Former Arcade Sensation Available Now for Home Market

(November 4, 2009 – Arlington Heights, IL) Carnival King, Incredible Technologies’ classic target-shooting arcade game, is available for download now on Nintendo’s WiiWare system. Carnival King follows Target Toss Pro: Bags, IT’s first WiiWare release, which maintained a Top 5 ranking for six months on the WiiWare charts.

Just like the arcade version originally developed in 2002, Carnival King features three virtual amusement parks, each with four distinctly-themed shooting galleries plus a fast-paced bonus round. Each of the 15 games features IT’s signature 3D graphics, set to a rollicking soundtrack that transports you instantly to the midway.

Scott Morrison, IT’s vice president of marketing, said that he believes making IT’s classic arcade titles available to the home market will help boost popularity of the company’s current products.

If people enjoy Target Toss Pro: Bags and Carnival King on their Wiis at home, they’ll be more inclined to try one of our games the next time they’re out with the family. All this exposure has to be good for operators,” he said.


Carnival King can be downloaded for only $7.00 making it affordable for everyone. Players can use their Wii controller or any gun peripheral. 1 or 2 can play at a time, and online and local leaderboards make it easy to see how players rank against friends and family.

We’re providing a lot of entertainment for only seven bucks,” Morrison said. “We think it’s going to do better than TTP: Bags which was a hit for nearly a year.”

You can preview Carnival King online at




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