Konami now testing DDR X2 in Japan, "Jukebeat" in the US

Shaggy November 24, 2009 3

(Thanks to Eddie and Aaron of Bemanistlye for the info!)

I’ve been focusing so much on IAAPA news lately that I didn’t have much time to squeeze anything else in but there are some other arcade related thing happening out there. While Konami didn’t have anything to show off at IAAPA (they were at the Global Gaming Expo right next door however), they continue work on other projects out there such as the just announce Dance Dance Revolution X2, which is now testing in Japan. Details about what will make X2 different are scarce but I imagine that it will entail correcting concerns players had with the first game.

Also of interest to US players, Konami has brought uBeat back and they have renamed it to “Jukebeat”. The game is actually the latest update to uBeat: Ripples but as you can tell by the name change it appears that Konami will be positioning this game as more of an interactive jukebox than just another bemani game. Eddie over at Bemanistyle got a chance to check the game out on location test in Sherman Oaks Castle Park in CA and I still believe that this game would be a great US release but I guess it will depend upon the location test more than anything else. Here’s a video Eddie grabbed of the game:

Also Bemanistyle has a report on the recent DDR national competition in Seattle – as a reminder the finals are in Las Vegas on the 5th of December.



  1. arcads4ever November 24, 2009 at 11:07 pm - Reply

    ohh god I hope konami suceeds this time and releases it in the UK aswell. I heard that the location test for ubeat had failed or someone told me. but I still really want to give this a go. jukebeat is alot better name than ubeat though, its just a shame it wasn’t called that in the first place. does anyone in the uk know where I can go and play ubeat other than london?

  2. editor November 27, 2009 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    Come to the EAG Electrocoin booth in January and you will see JukeBeat!

    • arcads4ever November 28, 2009 at 11:17 am - Reply

      depends what date it is, how I get into the show and how much it’ll cost as I live all the way up in south yorkshire unfortunatly and plus I’m at uni :'( god I would love to come visit as I’ve never been to an arcade show before ever such as atei or preview etc.. and I’ve wanted to go for years. I’ll just have to hope that jukebeat is a sucess this time around for me to find one nearest to me

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