Play Belgium now open, offers an interactive look at the history of video games

Shaggy December 31, 2009 0

There have been a couple of instances in the past where we have covered touring museums which cover the history of video games and the latest exhibition that I am aware of is Play Belgium. This is based upon the Game On exhibition which began in 2000 and has since been traveling around the world, spreading the knowledge regarding the 40+ years of video game history. Obviously where this is an exhibit about video games, they allow attendees to play the games and on top of that, there are a number of arcade games which can be played as well. The exhibit is open until April 18th, 2010 and they even reserve two days of the week just for tours from schools. I would have died and gone to heaven had my elementary or middle school taken us on a field trip to something like this. 🙂

Here is a video covering the tour when it was in Australia recently (which we covered earlier this year)

[Play Belgium Official Site] [Discuss on the forums]

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