Project DIVA Arcade cabinet revealed as the game goes on location test in Japan (updated)

Shaggy January 6, 2010 1

Last October we found out that Sega Japan was planning on bringing a PSP music game known as Project DIVA over to arcades and after a short time of hearing little about the game, we now have a look at the cabinet, pictured above. You can tell by looking closely at the picture that this is the cabinet design they are using in the Ringedge-powered Border Break but with a much larger marquee and enhanced sound system. The website doesn’t say if this is a Ringedge or Ringwide game but it currently is on location test in Japan. I am not expecting to see this particular game get much attention in distribution channels outside of Japan but I am curious to know if any operators out there who frequently import games from there plan on picking this up or not.

More details can be seen at the Project DIVA Arcade website.

UPDATE: Here is a location test report in case anyone is interested

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  1. Donpablo January 25, 2010 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Looks sweet! and judging from the videos I’ve seen the miku graphics look great.

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