More shooters from China – 'Four Guns' and 'Terrorist Action'

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0


You have probably noticed that we are having an influx of news from Chinese, Tawainese and Korean coin-op firms lately and I am told that there is a reason behind the build-up although at the moment I am not entirely sure why. Either way we will always keep you posted here about what is going on with these developments.

Here we have Four Guns and Terrorist Action by KN&U Electronics. We don’t know much about either title beyond the pictures but as you can see from Four Guns, it’s just that – four machine guns mounted together on one cabinet. Since they are together that makes it a 1 player game (too bad they didn’t try for a 4p shooter, like Konami’s Warzaid which still shows up on earning lists in magazines like Replay) with an unusual setup. The games however are nothing new, in fact we’ve seen them in arcades before on GlobalVR’s V3 Vortek hardware, with Blockade and Desert Gunner. I assume that outside of China this could create a problem but it’s likely that inside China that GVR doesn’t have the rights to the games there. Who knows however, perhaps GVR will be looking into this just in case.

In Terrorist Action, it looks like a Target: Terror clone although it’s hard to say so without seeing more about the game. The cabinet has two uzi-like guns that connect to the cabinet with a cable and the large cabinet sports a 38″ CRT. The product description states: “Machine featured a total of nine games to choose scenes, scenes of shock, dynamic shooting, exciting, imitating the fight against terrorism, so you really experience the smoke filled the air, guns poured Tanyu real scenes.” It’s been a while since I played Target: Terror so I’m not sure if that sounds close to it or not so we will have to wait to find out more.

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  1. editor February 17, 2010 at 2:39 am - Reply

    ‘Four Guns’ is actually the Beach Head software!! No word if Global VT gave permission?

  2. Da FONZ February 17, 2010 at 8:11 am - Reply

    There are clones of Aliens and paradise lost cabinets on their site. Are these even legal?????? How are they building these knockoffs?

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