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When I went to the Amusement Expo, AH contributor Phil Arrington and I attempted to do a live online broadcast straight from the show floor so you could see the games and anything else going on there, but we were able to do it with mixed results. That was in part due to a nearly dead laptop battery and also partly due to connection problems.

But tomorrow (March 20th) at 9:45AM Pacific Time, Phil is going to be trying out the live online broadcast again with better results, this time at an arcade auction being hosted by “Captain Chis” (perhaps Chris?) in Anaheim, CA. As Phil says: “He told me about his line up of arcade games and it should be better than the last auction he had and hopefully this should give people an idea of how much cabs are worth during these times.” I wish I could be there but where I also have never been to an arcade auction, this should be fun to watch.

Here is the link but keep in mind that there is nothing to see until the specified time above.

Arcade Auction Live Broadcast – Vokle (now over)

UPDATE: The event is now live! There are some hiccups but at the moment I’m writing this (11:41AM my time) it’s on.

Update (11:50AM) The auction is about to start, Phil has been showing us around the warehouse

Update (12:13PM) Auction is finally starting. Click on the link above to watch, the video is working fine now but it’s laggy

Update (12:50PM) Auction is still going, some of these games are going for amazingly low prices

Update (1:15PM) Jukeboxes at the moment. Most of the pins we heard went for under $500 (Playboy for $450, Alien Poker for $275)

Update (1:20PM) They are selling some newer Stern’s, Sopranos, Spiderman, Indiana Jones

Update (2:02PM) Been having a lot of connection problems but Phil is promising that he’ll have a link to this video as well as the Amusement Expo walk-thru up soon. The event is now over

One more update: Here is some footage of the auction and they even show Phil filming with his netbook (goto about the 4 min mark). At about the six minute mark, they talk about the actual show 🙂

[Thanks to Phil Arrington on the forums]

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