IGS showcases "We Dancing Online" at GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010

Shaggy May 7, 2010 0

When you showcase one of your games at a show, what better way to get people interested in it than a good competition? IGS certainly felt so as they showed off their title, We Dancing Online. I could swear that I have seen and reported on this game before as something about it looks familiar but I can’t find the post where it was initially mentioned. Nevertheless, the game takes the dancing concept in the direction of using your hands instead of feet, while also changing how notes are hit from something like DDR (they come in sideways all on one path instead of floating up from the bottom of the screen). As the name implies, there are online features used in the game, through IGS’ Game Tower service which services other online games in the Chinese market as well. There is a downloadable version for the PC of ‘We Dancing Online’ here as well.

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