How amusement fared in the recent financial reports from Capcom and Namco Bandai

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Financial reports were recently unveiled by a couple of companies who have some involvement in the arcade industry so how did the companies in question fare? First off, Capcom hasn’t fared well all around, seeing dips in consumer game sales, amusement facility operations and operating income in Japan, Europe and the US. They did see an increase in “content expansion” however, which according to the linked document is linking to their Pachislot division. You can see the report for Capcom here.

Namco Bandai also posted big losses once again but for them their toy and arcade chain operations posted operating profits for the year. Despite the losses reaching an overall $300 million (the game content division equaling $74.59 million of that loss) Namco is optimistic that the changes it has made as a company to deal with the losses, which they began a little while ago when we last heard about the company loosing money, will result in net profits once again. If the Namco presence and marketing tactics seen at Amusement Expo are any indication, the arcade division is quite optimistic about the future. You can read about Namco Bandai’s financial reports here @ Gamespot

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