Disney's 3D Ping Pong as seen at GTI Expo + a few more GTI pics

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I know you are possibly sick of hearing about GTI by now but new things are trickling out that are noteworthy enough, so let’s get on with it! Thanks to Joe for the link to this collection of photos by David Liu. I’ll start out with commenting on the photo above – Disney’s 3D Ping Pong. We’ve talked about it before – it’s an official Disney product and it uses stereoscopic 3D TV’s that don’t need glasses. Interesting how on film the images are very dark. This one is supposed to be available next Thursday, should be interesting to see how it’s received. With Disney dabbling not only into 3D like this in the gaming world but also the coin-op arcade sector, could we possibly see a Tron arcade game coming out along with the movie? That might be a long shot but if they are serious about coin-op with this game then why not?

There are a few more pics from GTI, hit the break to check them out.

Namco’s booth was prominently showing off Tank! Tank! Tank! along with the Razing Storm SD, Animar Kaiser 3 and Terminator Salvation.

Sega’s booth was similar to what they had at IAAPA and DEAL 2010, but this one had Border Break to show off along with Hummer, Sega Racing Classic and Tetris Giant. They actually had Tetris Giant being projected onto a larger wall which you can see in the first two pics, they talked about the cabinet being able to do that at previous shows and I wondered why they just didn’t set it up. I still think that the game needs a big price drop though to be a serious contender.

Kung Fu Ball by Subsino. I covered this at IAAPA but this is the largest push I’ve seen Subsino give the game so far, along with a slightly different cabinet design. Pong clones aren’t very common anymore and this is a fun variation on the concept that requires quick reflexes.

IGS had an attractive booth that drew in the crowds. I’d love to see them come to IAAPA one of these years. Second pic shows their Taito partnership with Anger Explosion and Music Gun Gun. Going on from there, IGS had some dancers there to promote the Taito games; another pic from the We Dancing Online tourney;

Another game to make use of stereoscopic 3D (which we saw in plenty of detail yesterday in the DEAL coverage) known as Star Predator was at GTI. This one has to use glasses


Looking over the InJoy Booth

First pic I’ve seen close up of Tecway’s Pop Moto. 3D motorcycle racing with a Mario Kart element of the ? boxes added in apparently

UNIS’ booth was surprisingly sparse, they had a much larger setup at IAAPA. I wonder why they didn’t bring their new racer Crazy Speed to GTI.

There are a couple of music games in this picture which were grabbing player attention but you can’t see them very well. One is obviously a DJ Max Technika clone, the other one from what I can tell looks similar to the Mozarc (Hypaa) cabinet.

Mozarc by Hypaa has grabbed tons of attention, with it being the first game to have video footage pop up on Youtube from the show

You might notice the uBeat clone sitting in the background of this pic. Not sure what that and the guy in the foreground have to do with each other but there they are, together on the internet forever. I also find it funny that they have “no pictures” messages on top of the games, as though that will stop Konami from finding out about their blatant rip off.

Visit David Liu’s online Picasa album to see the rest!

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