Shaggy June 8, 2010 1

I am back from my three week trip, and now that it’s over I feel more at liberty to discuss it. I apologize again for not offering a warning of some kind but that’s because I had thought that I would have had better and more frequent internet access to avoid any long periods without updates. That obviously didn’t take place but either way, I am home now so it’s time to play even more catch up on top of what I managed to do while gone.

For the curious I was on vacation in Brazil, which is where my wife is from so we visited with family. I took my four year old son and one year old daughter along and that was an adventure in and of itself. Except for all of us going through a cold for the past week, it was a lot of fun and of course, I didn’t miss out on the opportunity to check out some arcades while I was there. I will dedicate a post to that later, along with videos once I find the time.

For the moment I’m going to post a few more links that Kevin Williams sent along and then things will be back on track.

The IDonkey IPhone Kit (Waylou.com) – Another mini-arcade cabinet DIY project, this time using an IPhone

Atlus developing Inazuma Eleven soccer arcade game (Siliconera.com) – When soccer and card battle gaming commit to each other, this is what their offspring will look like.

Project Natal demo glimpse ( Engadget.com) – Kevin added the note to this “And so it begins -questions about the suitability of gesture recognition
gaming in the home, and suggestions that it is better in dedicated locations… arcades!?” He will have to elaborate on where he heard those suggestions but I certainly continue to wonder if Titan4Games will pull anything off this year as promised or if it’s just vaporware. The clock is certainly ticking…

Star World Amusements keeping classic games alive (mlive.com) – Not singlehandedly mind you but if it wasn’t for dedicated and talented techs to keep working on the old classics, it certainly would make it tougher to find such working classics in their proper format.

Those are the quickies, stay tuned for more lengthy content.

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