Disney closing most ESPN Zone Restaurants

Shaggy June 10, 2010 1

Arcade floor at the Las Vegas ESPN Zone

(Thanks to Juan for the tip!)

If you are fond of the ESPN Zone sports-bar/restaurants/arcade locations then you won’t appreciate this news. The owners of the locations, Disney, has decided to close down five of the seven locations across the US, citing the “current economic climate” posing a “long-term business challenge” to operating those particular sites.

As I have not visited an ESPN Zone myself I can’t say how they operate differently from businesses like Dave and Busters and how much effort they put into their arcade section over the bar. For those that are familiar, I am curious to know what their game selection was like as well as how they stayed on top of maintaining the machines (I guess it would also be prudent to ask about the bar/restaurant – was it any good or anything special?).I am just curious as while the economy may still suck in general, I think that it is good to know whether that is the only factor at play here or if there is something more. We’ll have to wait and see as to whether the locations might be picked up by other owners who feel that they can make the idea work under a different style of management.

[Via NY1.com] [ESPN Zone official site]

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  1. yeehawmckickass June 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm - Reply

    ESPN Zones are generally similar to a Dave and Busters or Gameworks, with the exception of every single one of their games being sports/Racing themed (the exception being the PIU: Zero at the Chicago ESPN Zone). No redemption either.

    The food is also HIGHLY overpriced, appetizers often cost more than full meals at a D&B/GW.

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