Reminder: Save the Arcades 2 competition ends Tuesday

Shaggy June 13, 2010 0

Just a friendly remind here for those who want to take an active part in helping out an arcade out there – the STRIDE Gum Save the Arcades 2 competition is drawing to a close as whoever has the most points donated to them via the Cowbots flash game will win the $25,000 prize. At the moment Ground Kontrol in Oregon is in first place (in fact they are holding a big event all for the purpose of drawing attention to the competition), with Arcade Infinity in California in 2nd and Rocky’s Replay in 3rd. Any of those spots could change any moment depending upon how many points separate each business but we aren’t sure this time as the points are not being displayed publicly.

The question after this is, will STRIDE continue their campaign to help arcades that are out there? I certainly hope so as this has been a great idea on their part to really help some arcades out, even the ones who didn’t win the cash prizes get the benefit of some national attention, which usually spurs some extra local attention as well.

Visit the Save The Arcades site here.

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