Konami bringing Pop N' Music coming to the US as a redemption game

Shaggy June 14, 2010 0

(Thanks to Aaron Auzins for the tip)

After a little while of silence on the US front for new releases, we have word via BemaniStyle.com that Konami is testing out a new, redemption version of their Pop N’ Music series in the US. Eddie Lecheka, editor of BemaniStyle had a chance to check the game out where he gives a complete rundown of the features in place, along with some video. I will just link to one video and you can check the rest out on the link below, but what are your thoughts of bemani gaming making a comeback in the US via the redemption route? I know that is certainly not something that hardcore players will look forward to but it certainly is a smart way to get younger and more casual audiences hooked on the type of game that it is.

Pop N’ Music US location test report @ BemaniStyle.com

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