Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani shows off early game sketches

Shaggy June 24, 2010 0

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I have to apologize for not getting to this earlier – I had see the link a day or two ago but I forgot to mention it. But better late than never. Toru Iwatani, the now retired creator of Pac-Man, was in the Netherlands recently where he received a certificate from the Guiness Book of World Records on Pac-Man obtaining the highest number of installed arcade machines worldwide. Seems like it’s a bit late to be handing out a reward for that but I guess that also can be filed under the better late than never category as well. While there Mr. Iwatani shared some of his original Pac-Man sketches with the Dutch gaming media. It takes you back to the days when one guy could come up with a legendary game all by himself using nothing but a pencil and a few pieces of graph paper.

[Via GameSetWatch and Control Online]

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