A longer look at Blue Works' FORCE

Shaggy July 2, 2010 0

A short while back we covered a student project in Taiwan that set out to recreate an experience similar to Atari’s Warlords, but with modern graphics and a few changes to the formula. At the time we only had a brief teaser look at the game but now they have produced a much longer video which shows the game in action, both from a direct feed as well as some footage of it being played at SOGO, an expo that took place in Taiwan in May.

As a big fan of Warlords and games like it, I would love to see this picked up by one of the arcade manufacturers in Taiwan so it can get a wider release. I would change a couple of things if it were me – namely a scoring system and an explosion effect to occur when a player is destroyed. Otherwise it looks like great multiplayer fun.

[Blue Works Website]

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