Little change in the Twitter feed

Shaggy July 17, 2010 0

For those that use Twitter, I have made a minor adjustment to the feed on the right hand side of the front page here. Previously it was a feed I was using for promoting my own arcade, which is why Facebook updates came through it as well(the feed is in case any are still interested). I actually did not put the feed widget onto the site originally as I didn’t have the permissions to do that until I became the owner of the site, but now that I can change things on the front page I decided that it would be more useful for the site if the feed was dedicated solely to Arcade Heroes stuff. As such, I will use that feed to share links that I don’t have time (or maybe interest) in writing a complete story about it as well as updates to new stories that appear on the site. If you are on our RSS feed than the new stories part should already be taken care of but increased arcade recognition on a site like Twitter should be a positive thing.

Here is the link to the new feed which you can follow here:

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