Trio-Tech Amusements unveils 'XD Dark Ride'

Shaggy July 19, 2010 0

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Trio-Tech Amusement, makers of high-earning attractions such as Typhoon, XD Theater, and UFO Stomper, has a new attraction which they are preparing for a release, called Dark X Theater XD Dark Ride. Details are scant on the game at this point but it appears to be more interactive than some of the aforementioned titles. Instead of just sitting down for a quick motion-based 3D ride, players can shoot at on-screen opponents(similar to Trans-Force). XD Dark Ride was shown off recently at the IAAPA Asia show and we can expect to see it at the US IAAPA show this November.

UPDATE: The name has been corrected by the Stinger Report as the original we received was in error

[Trio-Tech Amusement website]

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