Andamiro finishes Pump It Up Pro 2; DDR X2 tested in the US

Shaggy July 22, 2010 0

Now for some music game news.

First off, Andamiro has finally released Pump It Up Pro 2. The game was first seen at Amusement Expo 2010, where it was well-received by fans and since then the development team has been fine-tuning the game for a final release. According to the PIU blog, the game was completed a week ago and now they are in the middle of producing the cabinets. Already at least one distributor has the game listed for shipping, along with a price tag of almost $11,000 (prices do vary a little between distributors). The game uses a plasma screen which should mean it avoids response time issues that we’ve seen on some LCD music games. Here’s the song list for PIUP2 and here is a recent video of PIUP2 in action.

Also Konami has tested Dance Dance Revolution X2 in the US and the guys at were invited to check it out. Fans who were angered over the shoddy quality of X1 should be happy to learn that Konami took player complaints into account, and fixed the problems that were seen with the X1 pads. In fact it appears that owners of X1 machines will be able to update their machines with the new pads, which means that hopefully the X1 pads will quickly become a thing of the past. Here’s a video from the test, you can find plenty of more details @

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