Stern Pinball @ Comic-Con 2010

Shaggy July 22, 2010 0

Via the Stern Facebook fan page.

One of the biggest geek events for the year is now underway, Comic-Con 2010 and while console games are showing a strong presence at the show, arcade games aren’t really there to be seen. Granted, that is because there isn’t anything new out there involving comic books (yes there is Justice League but it isn’t brand new anymore) so it’s understandable but Stern pinball is there as they do have a new product which has something to do with comics – Ironman pinball. Since there is also an Avatar presence there this would have made a good place to show off the new Avatar pinball machine but it’s probably not quite ready to be shown at such a large event as this.

TRON Legacy will be getting some attention today as well, if there is anything arcade-related that goes along with it, we’ll look at it.

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